The Resilient Training Lab Podcast

RTL91- So You Want to Do Your First Meet?

March 07, 2022 Paul Milano Season 1 Episode 91
The Resilient Training Lab Podcast
RTL91- So You Want to Do Your First Meet?
Show Notes

We're so excited about this month's episode! We are talking about everything you need to know about doing your first meet. Paul and Ryan begin the episode by covering the basics of deciding to do a meet and how to prep for one. Samantha Reyes, a USPA State Referee, joins them for part 2 of the episode. Sam gives you all the information you need to know about checking-in, weighing-in, and all of the lifting standards you need to meet in order to have a successful meet. She really goes into detail about what you can expect on a typical meet day. We hope after listening to this episode that you are excited and ready to sign up for a meet. Click here to sign up for the USPA Resilient Classic II on July 23, 2022 at Revolution Fitness Clubs. And if you want to catch a meet in-person to see what a meet really looks like, come to USPA CT Championship on March 26, 2022 at Revolution Fitness Clubs. 

0:15  Episode Introduction: This month's topic is all about your first powerlifting meet! Paul also talks about this month's RTL challenge, the USPA CT Championships on March 26th, and the organization, Open Doors Outdoors, which all of the meet's proceeds will go to. 

4:45 Paul and Ryan begin the conversation about wanting to do your first powerlifting meet. And Paul goes into detail about his first powerlifting meet and how he got started in powerlifting.  

16:19 What is meet prep? Meet prep doesn't have to be intimidating or miserable. It can be fun and flexible to fit your schedule and goals. They cover everything you need to know about tapers and deloads. 

24:02 How do you know what weight class I should be in?  Should you cut for your first meet? 

30:41 What is the purpose of a taper? 

34:01 All about choosing your openers (hint: it should be something you can hit on your absolute worst day)

38:12 Get prepared beforehand! Get everything you need together before meet day. Get your clothes, shoes, food, etc. all ready to go. Prepare for a long day because meet days can run long!

41:45 Meet day nutrition

44:01 What expectations should you have for yourself on meet day?

51:57 Introducing Sam Reyes, a USPA State Referee

55:00 How to become a USPA State Referee

56:48 Check-ins and weigh-ins before the meet

1:07:45 The order of operations on meet day (rules, lifting, awards)

1:08:32 How do flights work? And why are they used?

1:10:40 Judging and white vs. red lights

1:13:36 Standards for Squat

1:23:18 Standards for Bench

1:29:42 Standards for Deadlifting

1:35:44 Awards (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each class and best lifter based on DOTS)

1:38:12 Advice from Sam for your first powerlifting meet (practice commands, train at least one day per week around the time that you will be lifting at the meet, meet day nutrition)