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RTL90- The Value of a Coach

February 07, 2022 Paul Milano
The Resilient Training Lab Podcast
RTL90- The Value of a Coach
Show Notes

This week is all about the value of hiring a coach. This episode is a great listen for those who have been on the fence about hiring a coach for their training and want help to reach their goals. Having a coach is beneficial whether you are brand new to working out or are an elite lifter.. A coach can be useful no matter where you are in your fitness journey and regardless of what your goals are. Ryan and Paul begin the episode by discussing the value of having a coach when you are first getting started in the gym. A coach can help you when you are brand new to the gym by showing you what the equipment is, how to set it up, and how to use it. They are also learning and looking for advice on how to make lifting fit into their lives. The coach is there to support them as they start working out. As the client moves past their first few months of training and is getting more comfortable with working out and the gym, the coach can be valuable by continuing to keep them accountable and consistent and also adding more complexity into their training. As beginners nail down the basics, more complexity can be added into their program to help them work towards their goals and add in training that they most enjoy. The coach's job with a client within the first year is to help get them comfortable and confident in the gym so that they can workout whether or not a coach is present. They end their discussion discussing the job of a coach for clients in their first few years as a lifter and at an intermediate or advanced level. The coach is still important because they can help to modify your training as your life circumstances may change (i.e. buying a house, getting sick, working through an injury), fine tune technique modifications to help you be stronger and more efficient, and work through plateaus. The coach is also valuable in looking at your life as a whole and aid in making changes inside and outside of the gym in order to help you be the most successful at reaching your goals. The episode closes out with a discussion with a fan favorite guest, Carlos Reyes. Carlos comes on the podcast to discuss why he finds having a coach is valuable as an elite lifter. He talks about when he first started working with a coach and discusses all the way to present day working with Paul for the past 3 years. Give a listen to hear everything Carlos has to say about working with a coach. We would love to hear what you have to say about what you find valuable about having a coach. Leave a comment on Apple Podcast or iTunes or DM us on Instagram to let us know!

*0:14 - What is going on at RTL and Revolution Fitness Clubs this month. Hear all about our February Challenge and Community Outreach for this month (hint: it has to do with helping shelter animals <3)

*3:16 - Ryan introduces the episode topic which is why having a coach is valuable and what having a coach offers during different stages of your training career. 

*3:36 - Paul and Ryan discuss some of wrong reasons to hire a coach (i.e. wanting a coach to help them overhaul their entire lives or having a coach to teach them perfect form and prevent them from getting hurt from lifting)

*7:04 - What you should expect when you hire a coach as a new lifter. 

*13:50 - Why you need a coach during your first year as lifter (3 months-1 year). 

*25:15 -The difficulty in behavior change and how hard it can be to make lifting a life habit . Be open and honest with your coach so that they can best support you in making lifting a life-long habit. 

*37:51 -Why you need a coach as an intermediate lifter (1-3 years)

*54:31 - Paul and Ryan are joined by elite lifter, Carlos Reyes. Carlos talks about what he finds valuable in having a coach.