The Resilient Training Lab Podcast

RTL93: Nutrition Myths

May 02, 2022 Paul Milano
The Resilient Training Lab Podcast
RTL93: Nutrition Myths
Show Notes

We're back with a new episode for May! RTL coach, Clare, joins Paul and Ryan for a roundtable discussion all about nutrition myths. They each bring 2 myths to the table and then end the episode answering listener submission questions. This is a fun episode where you get to hear your coaches break down common nutrition myths that we hear all of the time. Listen to hear your coaches' takes on these myths!


  • 0:14 - Paul begins the episode catching you all up on what is going on at RTL for the month of May. This month includes at hike at Sleeping Giant on May 7th and Murph on May 30th. And don't forget to join us for the monthly challenge! Listen to hear Paul break down what the challenge is for this month. 
  • 4:23 - Myth 1: Eating too much protein is bad and damaging. Don't eat more than 30g of protein at one time.
  • 9:44 - Myth 2: As a lifter, you have to eat as much protein as possible in order to gain muscle, get stronger, reach your goals, etc.
  • 21:19 - Myth 3: Gaining strength has to be the primary goal and you should sacrifice your overall health in order to get stronger. Paul also adds, the myth that you can't simultaneously gain strength and lose weight or improve other areas of health. 
  • 29:17 - Myth 4: Using a fitness tracker is an accurate method to determine how many calories you burned and how many calories I should be eating. 
  • 40:05 - Myth 5: Drinking diet soda is bad for you and can cause cancer, diabetes, etc.
  • 49:43 - Myth 6: There is a magic diet, pill, product, etc. that will make me reach my nutrition and weight goals. 
  • 55:42 - Paul, Ryan, and Clare answer listener submission questions!