The Resilient Training Lab Podcast

RTL89- What to Expect When You First Start Training

January 03, 2022 Paul Milano Season 2 Episode 1
The Resilient Training Lab Podcast
RTL89- What to Expect When You First Start Training
Show Notes

Happy New Year RTL Fam! We are back with a new and improved format! 

This week’s episode covers everything to expect during your first day, week, and month of training & what coaches should be doing and looking for when a client first starts training at RTL. The episode begins with a discussion between Paul and Ryan about the first steps when a client comes to them interested in training. They break down the initial assessment process and cover what the client can expect as well as explain what a coach should be asking and looking for during the assessment process. Next, they delve into what the first day of training looks like as well as the first week and months of training. They stress that the most important factor when it comes to training and making progress is consistently showing up and putting in effort. They also discuss other factors that can help clients be successful in the gym for the long term. 

For the second half of the episode, Clare joins Paul to talk about her first experience training with a coach and how she has progressed to where she is today. Clare opens up about her first couple years of training which included working with a trainer whose personality didn’t really match up well with hers, doing random workouts for the better part of a year, and working with another coach who helped her prep for her first powerlifting meet. She then goes into detail about how her training has evolved through working and learning from different coaches, making lifestyle and diet changes, and managing her training to help her to continuously make progress in the gym. Make sure to listen to hear some of the biggest lessons she has learned through training and how lifting has helped to increase her confidence in herself and her abilities. 

We hope you enjoyed this new episode format. Make sure to catch next month’s episode which will be released on the first Monday of February. Please leave us feedback on what you thought of this episode by DMing us on Instagram or leaving a review on iTunes. Check out the timestamps below to help you navigate through the episode!

*0:15 - Episode introduction. What is going at RTL/Revolution this month, including the monthly challenge and Check In for a Cause

*3:58 - The first time you meet with your coach- the Assessment

*4:51 - The biggest goal of the assessment is to figure out the client’s “why” for training

*15:15 - Getting the client on the training floor during the assessment to get an idea of how comfortable the person is in the gym and with certain exercises

*20:21 - Goal of the assessment from a coach’s and client’s perspective

*21:29 - When a client comes in for their first training session

*22:55 - Goals of the first training session

*24:20 - Using the first session to get familiar with the gym, with the program, and with the coaches

*27:11 - The idea of moving the needle forward with each training session

*34:26 - Goals of the  first week of training- be consistent, create a routine, and then introduce the idea of effort and RPE

*42:27 - Continue to show up each week. Progress is made when you consistently show up week after week

*44:30 - Creating a sense of community in the gym 

*53:30 - First months of training. What to do when motivation begins to wane and/or life gets busy and training needs to change in order to accommodate life changes. 

*59:31 - Paul sits down with Clare to talk all about her experience when she first started training about 2 and a half years ago.

*1:05:50 - Clare’s first experience working with a coach. Then she transitioned into doing her own random training after the coach left her gym. 

*1:11:49 - Clare switches from doing her own thing i